Our Portfolio

Want to see some of the work we’ve done in the past? Here are some of our favourite projects! If you have any questions about any of these specific projects, please get in touch with us via the Home page.


We built this website using WordPress to help customers navigate and purchase tickets for shows all around the UK! We worked closely with the ticket sellers to ensure a swift and easy purchase process.

Hopespring TLP

We developed a front-facing website (running WordPress) for a charity-driven learning provision. We worked closely with the team to make sure this brochure website looked as usable and friendly as possible. 


Looku was one of our very first projects! We helped build a system that allowed divorced or separated parents to help manage their responsibilities. This project was largely driven by Laravel and Bootstrap.

NWD Augmented Reality

We built an AR (Augmented Reality) App for our friends ‘New World Designs’! This app allows them to more accurately plot out their equipment by mapping a model onto the users’ surroundings (via the camera). We were able to achieve this using the Unity Engine.

HASA Agency

Working with HASA (a provider of online training for health and safety) we developed a mobile app and online portal which gives users access to a huge array of health and safety assets! We also allowed users to search for jobs, read PPE related new and purchase (via stripe) training courses. To build this system, we mostly used Laravel, React Native and Bootstrap.


We built an intuitive mobile risk management application designed for reporting health and safety risks. These risks would be stored in a local database and then broadcast to a central server to ensure no risk went without being reported! This mobile app was built with React Native.

Renewable Energy Network

We built a stunning brochure site for the Renewable Energy Network. We worked with the team and designed it to be as informative as possible.


Another beautiful brochure website! We built this website using WordPress (Elementor). We worked very closely with the Hyserve team to make we built it perfectly to their expectations!


Using WordPress and Elementor, we built a brochure website demonstrating the ‘Colourful’ work of PeroLED!

...And many more.

We’re still in the process of rebuilding our website and we’ve missed some work off this page for now! Come back soon, they’ll be plenty more to look at 😉