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Client-Focused Software Development

We can design and build the best websites and apps for your business so you don’t have to. Let’s talk about it over a coffee?


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Your Friendly Software Company

At Sicarius, we pride ourselves as the friendly face of software development. We want to help our clients achieve their goals and sometimes their dreams by providing software to enhance their business. Whether a stylish client facing website, an application to enhance your online presence or an e-commerce system to manage your whole business, we can provide what you need to thrive. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you today?

Our Services

App Development

Here at Sicarius, we have tons of experience working on Apps. By using the latest development technologies we can build apps for Android and iOS and easily meet your demands.

iOS and Android Friendly

We build our Apps using React Native, a platform that allows us to build both iOS and Android applications together in perfect harmony. This cuts down both development time and costs! It also ensures that everything is fully integrated with native iOS and Android functionality.

Custom Design

All of our apps are designed with our client’s needs at heart. We encourage design input throughout development to make your app feel as personal as possible. It is up to you to give us as much design control as you’re comfortable with.


When we’ve finished building your app we’ll deploy it for you too! Whether you’d like it on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or both we’re happy to help.

Web Development

Web Development is one of our biggest strengths. Whether you want a static web page to promote your business or a fully fleshed out web app we are more than capable of designing and developing whatever you need.

Designed for you

We believe every website should be unique and interesting. That’s why we work very closely with our clients to ensure that our designs align perfectly with what they have envisioned.


The majority of web traffic around the internet comes from mobile devices. Many other developers only offer desktop-exclusive websites however we build our websites to be responsive on mobile devices too so that all of your visitors can have a great experience from whatever device they’re using.


We don’t just build simple marketing-focused websites, we also build web-apps that enhance businesses either by improving their internal process or by offering a web service to users. Let us know what you’d like and we’d love to help!

Web Development

Web Development is one of our biggest strengths. Whether you want a static web page to promote your business or a fully fleshed out web app we are more than capable of designing and developing whatever you need.

Bespoke Software

With a number of bespoke software projects under out belt ranging from using Augmented Reality in new and interesting ways to interfacing with revolutionary hardware, we can tackle any bespoke software needs you might have.


We are more than happy to research available hardware and software that could help in creating your bespoke solutions. As a team, we have a good grasp of state of the art technologies and how they can be used on new and innovative projects. Working with new technologies excites us! 


As we are building your bespoke system, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about your ideas. We can provide technical potentials and share our thoughts to help you make the most out of your ideas.


Your secret is safe with us! We understand how passionate people can be about their intellectual property. We’ll make sure that your ideas stay secure.


When we are first introduced to a new project we spend some time breaking it down into its main features and the tasks associated with achieving these features. This helps the Client as well as ourselves gain a better understanding of the system and to identify any issues that may arise during development.


Appealing and functional design is one of our strengths as a company, we strive to ensure the systems we make are pleasant to use and display a high level of professionalism, while matching the client’s branding and company personality.


During development, we work hard to keep our clients up to date with how things are going. We like to keep a close relationship with clients so the system we are building is the system they want and if any changes are needed we work with them to decide how best to achieve them.


We are strong supporters of test-driven development, we believe in testing every step of the way to ensure that all systems work and that they work well to the client’s specifications. If any issues are discovered we are hasty to put them right.

Our Team

Alexander Waddell

Alexander Waddell

Software Developer

By using his comprehensive knowledge of software development, Alex will aim to create your proposed solution whether it be a website,  mobile app, or something else entirely.

Ellis Collinson

Ellis Collinson

Creative Director

With a passionate interest stemming from graphic design, Ellis works closely with our clients to design user interfaces as beautiful as they are functional.

Matthew Longstaff

Matthew Longstaff

System Architect

Matthew strives to produce efficient data solutions from simple systems to the more complex. He can help turn your bespoke idea into something cost-effective and achievable.

Some Kind Words

“I would highly recommend the Sicarius team to anyone looking for a down to earth tech company and look forward to working with them in the future.”


– Chris Brown, O.D.I.N

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Address: Software Centre, Tavistock Place, Sunderland, SR1 1PB